The “AltShift Diet” burn body fat, lose inches easily and permanently.

by June Kamerling on October 13, 2015

It’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve written a blog post. 

I always WANT to, but time seems to slip away.
However, I’ve come to something new and fantastic in my life 
that I really want to share with all of you. It’s called the “AltShift Diet“, created by Jason Seib, fat loss expert, author of  the best selling book “The Paleo Coach” , co-creator of JassaFit, and co-founder of  The Jassa Podcast along with Sarah Fragoso of Every Day Paleo.

Jason owns a Strength and Conditioning gym  in Northern Oregon.  Jason has always pondered why people (especially women) lose weight on any new diet, but then plateau and never lose more OR gain it all back.   

A year ago Jason tried an experiment starting with his wife, Sheryl Seib. The experiment consisted of alternating high fat/low carb eating with low fat/high carb eating.  The results were astonishing. Sheryl quickly started losing inches, gaining more energy then she’d had in a long time (being a mother of 3 young girls). Jason started giving this protocol to  his gym clients, some of his friends and other colleagues. He asked over 60 people around the country to try this protocol. EVERYONE….overweight people, fit people who were already lean, men, women who tried this diet lost inches.  The reports  were that cravings went away, people started sleeping better, had more energy and generally health improved.

Jason released this information in the form of an e-book in September.  I started AltShift 40 days ago. I have since lost 2″ around my waist, a bunch of pounds (though poundage loss is not the essential here…it’s the change of body size, burning of fat, increase of metabolism due to the alternating diet….the body never gets used to one way of eating so cannot “plateau”), and about 1/2 inch around my hips, chest, legs, arms.
My clothes are loose on me and and my “love handles” are just about gone. 

This is not “just another diet”.  This is a lifestyle that will keep you healthy and lean forever. I hope I’ve sparked your interest. Please go to to find out more. The e-book is a mere $25.00.

There is also an “AltShiftDiet” Face Book page. It’s a closed group but you can join and see what people’s successes are, as well  as everyone’s concerns and questions. This is a community with amazing support.

Wishing all of you who are interested the best. Please contact me if you have questions about AltShift.

In joy and health,
June Kamerling



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