Studio News, May 2015

by June Kamerling on May 3, 2015

El Cerrito Fitness Pilates Mat Class with Ball

El Cerrito Fitness Pilates, Mat Class with Ball



As summer approaches the studio is alive with activity. We have added some new classes and workshops that you can see below.
In an effort to please EVERYONE we have managed to schedule classes at all times of the day. Early morning, mid morning, early evening and later in the evening. Check out below.  We currently have room in our 6 AM Tuesday and Thursday reformer classes. We hope you early birds out there will take advantage of these great classes. Also check out the 7 AM mixed equipment classes.

REFORMER: Wednesday 6 PM,
Thursday 6:00 AM (yes, AM), 6:30 PM
Mixed Equipment Friday 10 AM
AND the very newest- Thursday 10 AM.

PRIMAL PILATES: We are morphing our Wed. 9 AM mat class into
a Primal Pilates   mat class. Primal Pilates brings us back to basics. It re-teaches us to move the way we were “designed” to move. It helps us un-learn patterns of moving that have led us to injury. Primal Pilates will make you even stronger and more flexible and is REALLY fun!!

Kettle Bell Workshop, with Molly Merson
This class has been such a success we will be offering it bi-monthly starting in August 2015. Stay tuned.


Post Partum Pilates group class  Fridays at 12 noon. This is a weekly class for the new moms. Babes are welcome if they are pre-crawling. We will cover exercises to strengthen the core and pelvic floor and work on repair of diastasis recti.

Reformer- Level 1  This class, on Mondays and Wednesday at 10 AM is for the raw Pilates/Reformer beginner and level 1-2 . We will cover the names of the reformer parts, safety and the basic reformer exercises.

Many other classes: Did you know we have reformer and mat classes at all kinds of times?  For the early bird, 6 AM and 7 AM, for the after work type, 5:30 and 6:30 PM. We have weekend classes as well as weekday mid day. Check here for schedule of all classes.   

Please, please, please, call the studio, 510-604-5732, or e-mail with any questions or need for info.

We  have a great team of skilled  trainers who also happen to be really great people. Check out the “instructors” tab to see our faces and bios.

We are  the happy owners of a Balanced Body Trap/Reformer combo. The great thing about this is that it will add a 5th reformer to accommodate more of you wonderful folks to our classes and allow us 2 trap tables to use without losing much floor space.

Please remove pokie jewelry before your session. Also no jeans or clothing with pokie things that could tear the upholstery of the equipment. Thanks.



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