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June Kamerling, Owner, Pilates and Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist

Contact info: 510-604-5732,

When June turned 50, she knew that she did not want to grow old being overweight and unhealthy. She started working out with a personal trainer and soon was inspired to become a personal trainer herself, followed by her Pilates training.  June brings to her Pilates and personal training, years of bodywork experience, knowledge of the skeletal and muscular system, muscle testing (kinesiology), how each individual body is designed to move, her experience working with many conditions such as repetitive strain injuries, chronic pain due to tension and old injuries.

“I’m so thrilled with the way Pilates and weight training has changed my body and my feeling of well being. I want to bring that feeling to others”.

June is fascinated by the human body…how we move, how we hold emotional patterns and habits which can affect our everyday well being, vitality and ability to move and be pain free. June has over 30 years experience in Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, and soft and deep tissue therapeutic massage.

“NeuroKinetic Therapy is based on the premise that when an injury has occurred, certain muscles shut down or become inhibited, forcing other muscles to become overworked. By applying light pressure that the client then resists, the practitioner can evaluate the strength or weakness of each muscle, revealing the sources of injury and retraining the client’s body to remove the compensation patterns” (from the book Neurokinetic Therapy by David Weinstock.)

June has studied nutrition as a personal interest for many years, being raised by a “health food nut” mother. June follows a “Paleo template” of eating and practices Mindful eating. She has never been in better health as she approaches medicare age.  She is happy to talk to you about diet and nutrition based on her personal experience of many years.

June is fully certified in all Pilates apparatus through Balanced Body University, is a personal trainer through NCSF, FAMI certified through Kinected Pilates Studio in NYC,  and certified in Pre-natal/Post-Partum Pilates. June has completed level 1 and 2 of Primal Pilates and is currently teaching Primal Pilates at El Cerrito Fitness.

The trainers at El Cerrito Fitness are all Independent Contractors certified in Pilates and Personal Training.

Joann Intoci, Certified Massage Therapist and NASM Fitness Trainer

Joann has been a practicing Massage Therapist since 1989.Joann Intoci 2
She specializes in injury prevention and chronic pain and dysfunction.
She has taught massage therapy and related health classes at the National Holistic Institute in Emeryville.
She received her Personal Trainer Certificate through the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2008.
Joann currently teaches a Stretch and Mayofascial Release class at El Cerrito Fitness.

She maintains a massage therapy practice in Richmond, CA and offers one on one fitness training as  well. Her focus is on functional movement and pain management. She has been
trained in many different soft tissue modalities, and combines that work with fitness
training so that clients can feel empowered to manage their individual needs on their
own in between sessions. Her work is structural and eclectic.
“Most people want to move better so they can live a more active life. Confidence in
understanding your body can lead to many wonderful and fulfilling experiences.”

Tasha Franklin, Pilates Trainer 510-717-3890 asha teaches our Saturday morning mat and reformer class.

Irving S. Wiltshire, Pilates Trainer
510-219- 8641


Irving S. Wiltshire

Irving is a long time Health and Fitness practitioner with Performing, Visual and Literary Arts  background. He was introduced to Pilates in 1991 while working as a Physical Therapy Aide at the California Pacific Orthopedic and Sports Medicine clinic in Pacific Heights, San Francisco.  Early Pilates introduction and instruction came via Elizabeth Larkam at the Saint Francis Memorial  Hospital of Sports and Dance Medicine as well as from attending classes at Madelyn Black’s, A Body of Work, SF.  Currently, Irving is teaching mat classes at El Cerrito Fitness; Pilates and Personal Training, offering private Pilates training sessions in the East Bay and substituting at Bay 1 Fitness in San Francisco. Recent formal Pilates study and teaching began in 2009 with mat and reformer classes at Synergy Fitness Pilates, Albany, CA.  Most recently, studies are being continued through Balanced Body University of Sacramento in pursuit of a comprehensive Pilates Instructor/Trainer Certification. Prior to Pilates, Irving was employed doing Bodywork  as a Physical Therapy Rehab/Maintenance Aide, a Personal Fitness Trainer for Bally Total Fitness Inc. at Pinnacle Fitness (formally at the #1 Post Street facility). Past membership with the Performing Arts Medicine Association, enhanced his Pilates training. Pinnacle Fitness duties included marketing, assessing, creating workout programs and training club clients, as well as leading the biweekly (all levels) Abdominal Strengthening classes. Performing, Visual and Literary Art involvement includes Acting for the San Francisco Opera, Modeling (for drawing, painting and sculpting artists), Dance and Choreography and Curating Photography Exhibits with the Rockridge Community Photography Group.


Nathan Hohmann   

Nathan Hohman

Nathan Hohman

I am passionate about freedom of movement, and I dream of a world where you can move freely and easily to achieve your heart’s desire without limitation from pain, past injuries, habits and fear of failure. This has always been important to me, but I didn’t realize how much so until it was taken away from me and I had to   struggle to get it back.

I’ve done dangerous, difficult jobs since I was a teenager, because where I was living that was the only way to make a decent living – and it took it’s toll. The stress, damage and lack of self-care mounted until I suffered a back injury that left me unable to do anything for over a month. I had to quit my job. Not only was I stripped of my ability to make a living, I also lost what I thought was my greatest strength: my ability to keep going as hard as possible for as long as it took to get something done.

Conventional medical treatment made me   worse, so I did the only thing left that I had available to me: I started paying attention to how my body actually felt, and how I could continue to move and work in a way that improved how I felt and stopped causing me more pain. This is when I found Pilates Method Exercise, and it was a revelation to find that there are ways to move and exercise that are safe and make you stronger and healthier rather than causing fatigue, damage and illness.

It was also important for me to   realize that in order to get better, I couldn’t just keep doing more of what I was doing that created the problem – I had to learn and do the things that would enable a fundamental improvement in my well-being.

Pilates has enabled me to tolerate, live through and relieve physical pain, feelings of hopelessness while increasing my strength, resiliency, and ability to move joyfully through life. I can help you do the same. You just have to be willing to show up and keep breathing.

  • I am trained in the STOTT Pilates Mat, Comprehensive Reformer, and Injuries and Special Populations certification courses.
  • I have been practicing martial arts since the age of seven, earning four different black belts by the age of 21.
  • I am also a certified instructor of Systema (Vasiliev-Ryabko lineage), 2008-present.
  • I am a certified Integral Master Coach™ through Integral Coaching Canada, 2010-present.

By  practicing and applying these different methods I offer a way for you to access your full potential right now while you continuously build your capacity. It’s not enough for me that you enjoy yourself while you are in the studio. It is important to me that you can take what you learn in the studio and apply it effortlessly in your daily life.


Jonathan Devoto
JonathanDevotoFitness.com  510-717-5661  JonathanDevotoTrainer

I’m a Certified Personal Trainer based in the East Bay, CA. I began tap dancing when I was three years old and have been in love with movement and creativity ever since. I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge of fitness with anybody interested in living a healthier life. 

My training style is reflective of my personality: equal parts creative and disciplined, with just the right amount of goofball. I believe that health and wellness transformations are best achieved in a fun and collaborative environment.
I specialize in corrective exercise, which is aimed at correcting muscle imbalances stemming from poor posture, sedentary lifestyle, repetitive movement, athletic over training, and everything in between. My goal is to get people moving regularly – in and out of the gym – in an enjoyable, sustainable, and restorative manner.
In my mid-20’s I overcame a serious neuromuscular disorder (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) which rendered my body practically useless for over two years. I’ve since made a full recovery and have developed a huge respect for the importance of a personalized, balanced, and holistic approach to fitness.
I craft workout programs based on scientific rationale utilizing many forms of exercise such as: bodyweight training, flexibility techniques, weight lifting, self-myofascial release, circuit training, resistance bands, yoga, climbing, swimming, kick-boxing, walking, running, and jumping rope. Workouts are custom built for each person, include variety, and change often.
Outside of fitness, I also enjoy singing and playing the guitar, dancing, camping, cooking, traveling, and spending time with loved ones.
I look forward to guiding you down the road to a healthier life!