Holidays, Bemer and Rockers…OH MY!!

by June Kamerling on December 18, 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I always think I’ll have a great blog topic each month, but time gets away with me and I just never seem to get to it.

As we become more immersed in holiday craziness I hear everyone talking about food and especially the sugar. It seems that sugar is just in our face around every bend. What helps me stay away from sugar (most of the time) IF I can take a moment to become mindful before it is suddenly in my mouth and gone, is to take a breath, and think of how I will feel later;  Probably irritable, stomach upset, I’ll feel fat…and I remember that I don’t want to feel that way just for a moment of sweet pleasure.  
That typically will help me to stay away and make better choices. Try it….see if it works. Let me know.

Please see our new page on Bemer Vascular Therapy and call June to ask any questions or schedule a Bemer session. I’ve had my Bemer for just a year now and I have to proudly say, I have not been sick in over a year. I won’t go into too much detail here, but I will say that the Bemer has strengthened my immune system. I sleep incredibly well and have energy every day.  If you are interested in vitality and long lasting health in your life come try a few Bemer sessions and see if it suits you.

We have a new and fun piece of equipment. A rocker for the studio reformer (soon to have 3). It’s a really fun and new way to work your core as you are either trying not to rock the reformer, or just going with the flow.  We hope to have all 3 studio reformers have rocker’s in the new year so that we can offer a class. Stay tuned.


We wish all of our amazing clients a very healthy, happy and safe holiday season and of course a fantastic 2017.

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