by June Kamerling on May 12, 2016



We’ve had a great year business wise. Many new clients, new equipment, and great community at the studio.

We just got a Rocker for the studio reformer. TOTALLY FUN!!   Without the stoppers (that make it stable), the reformer rocks from side to side. It makes you use your core in a very different way. Not recommended for anyone with vertigo or severe sea-sickness.  We’re intending to get two more rockers so we can have a small 3 person class.

Our green 2nd Trap Table has been sold. So we got a Tower for the Allegro and an extension mat so now we have the Allegro as a reformer, springboard or trap table.  It all worked out. Plus we have the Reformer/Trap combo that we got last year.

Bemer Vascular TherapyBemer Vascular Therapy is new at the studio. Check out our Bemer page for more info. Bemer increases blood flow in the micro vessels of the body. Daily use of the Bemer for just 8 minutes twice a day increases blood flow which decreases inflammation and promotes healing on so many levels.
Call the studio if you would like to come over and try a few  Bemer sessions. First 2 sessions are complimentary.  There is also a Bemer available to rent and take home, and of course you can purchase your own Bemer.

Our amazing trainer, Rochelle is leaving us. She is moving to Las Vegas where she has a job waiting for her. She will be missed and we hope she’ll come back and visit when she’s in town.

We are open and on regular schedule all through the holidays (except no mat class on Christmas).
We hope to see you there.

My wish for all of you is to have a holiday season and new year filled with joy, health and kindness in your heart.

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