Overview of Classes

El Cerrito Fitness offers a wide variety of classes, from beginner to advanced. Whether it’s mat, reformer, springboard, strength training or stretching, you’re sure to find a fun and challenging workout that’s appropriate for your level of fitness.

We currently offer the following classes:

Mat Pilates, all levels

Pilates and pre-Pilates exercises worked on a mat on the floor, using your own body resistance, hand weights, elastic bands, circles, and exercise balls. All exercises can be modified based on your level.

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“Primal Pilates ™ is the synergy of ancestral and animal movements of Pilates, progressed through our early motor development.”  This is a fun mat class for all levels. Primal Pilates “resets” and strengthens the body by using simple movements that smoothly transition into the next movement. Primal Pilates will increase your core strength, coordination, agility and flexibility.

Stretch and Tone

An hour of stretch, release and stability exercises. You will use a foam roller, “therabands”, body resistance and “pinky’ balls. Very relaxing,  yet invigorating class for all levels.

Springboard (springboard class has morphed into the Mixed Apparatus class)

Pilates aparatus using springs and straps attached to a board on the wall. Exercises are done standing, sitting and lying on the floor. Great work out, big time fun.


You are taken through a series of exercises developed by Joe Pilates on this amazing machine. A great work out covering all muscle systems of the body.

Rocking Reformer

We will soon be offering a class in our fun new Rocking Reformer. Being on the reformer as it is rocking side to side makes you use your core in a very different way. TOTALLY FUN. Not for people with vertigo.
Coming early in 2017.

Circuit Pilates (not currently scheduled)

Timed intervals moving from one exercise to the next using Pilates reformers, Trap table, Exo Chair, Ladder Barrel, Springboard and floor work with ball, band and roller props. This class will be a great workout for the whole body and big time fun.

Mixed Apparatus

Using mat, reformer and springboard this class will give you a complete workout with plenty of variety…and did we mention fun?

Prenatal/Post Partum Pilates (this class has been temporarily cancelled)

Using mat, reformer and springboard to do stretching, strengthening and mobility suitable for all stages of pregnancy and post partum including repair of diastasis recti. We currently offer only a Post Partum group class.
We offer Pre-Natal Pilates at a discounted rate (see “prices” page).

SPECIALTY WORKSHOPS (scheduled intermittently throughout the year)

Kettle Bell Workshop

Using a Russian Kettle Bell in this class you will learn lifts and moves specific to
the Kettle Bell series. We have light weight and heavier kettle bells (not currently scheduled).

Pilates for Singers

Using a variety of breathing and core strengthening exercises we will explore ways to enhance your singing voice by giving power to your breath/projection.  Taught by June Kamerling, Cabaret singer and owner of the studio (coming March 26th) and Paige Patrick, soprano and voice teacher.