REAL Food Meets Pilates

Holidays, Bemer and Rockers…OH MY!!

by June Kamerling on December 18, 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I always think I’ll have a great blog topic each month, but time gets away with me and I just never seem to get to it.

As we become more immersed in holiday craziness I hear everyone talking about food and especially the sugar. It seems that sugar is just in our face around every bend. What helps me stay away from sugar (most of the time) IF I can take a moment to become mindful before it is suddenly in my mouth and gone, is to take a breath, and think of how I will feel later;  Probably irritable, stomach upset, I’ll feel fat…and I remember that I don’t want to feel that way just for a moment of sweet pleasure.  
That typically will help me to stay away and make better choices. Try it….see if it works. Let me know.

Please see our new page on Bemer Vascular Therapy and call June to ask any questions or schedule a Bemer session. I’ve had my Bemer for just a year now and I have to proudly say, I have not been sick in over a year. I won’t go into too much detail here, but I will say that the Bemer has strengthened my immune system. I sleep incredibly well and have energy every day.  If you are interested in vitality and long lasting health in your life come try a few Bemer sessions and see if it suits you.

We have a new and fun piece of equipment. A rocker for the studio reformer (soon to have 3). It’s a really fun and new way to work your core as you are either trying not to rock the reformer, or just going with the flow.  We hope to have all 3 studio reformers have rocker’s in the new year so that we can offer a class. Stay tuned.


We wish all of our amazing clients a very healthy, happy and safe holiday season and of course a fantastic 2017.

images0ZDLN0W8Bemer Vascular Therapy

It’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve written a blog post. 

I always WANT to, but time seems to slip away.
However, I’ve come to something new and fantastic in my life 
that I really want to share with all of you. It’s called the “AltShift Diet“, created by Jason Seib, fat loss expert, author of  the best selling book “The Paleo Coach” , co-creator of JassaFit, and co-founder of  The Jassa Podcast along with Sarah Fragoso of Every Day Paleo.

Jason owns a Strength and Conditioning gym  in Northern Oregon.  Jason has always pondered why people (especially women) lose weight on any new diet, but then plateau and never lose more OR gain it all back.   

A year ago Jason tried an experiment starting with his wife, Sheryl Seib. The experiment consisted of alternating high fat/low carb eating with low fat/high carb eating.  The results were astonishing. Sheryl quickly started losing inches, gaining more energy then she’d had in a long time (being a mother of 3 young girls). Jason started giving this protocol to  his gym clients, some of his friends and other colleagues. He asked over 60 people around the country to try this protocol. EVERYONE….overweight people, fit people who were already lean, men, women who tried this diet lost inches.  The reports  were that cravings went away, people started sleeping better, had more energy and generally health improved.

Jason released this information in the form of an e-book in September.  I started AltShift 40 days ago. I have since lost 2″ around my waist, a bunch of pounds (though poundage loss is not the essential here…it’s the change of body size, burning of fat, increase of metabolism due to the alternating diet….the body never gets used to one way of eating so cannot “plateau”), and about 1/2 inch around my hips, chest, legs, arms.
My clothes are loose on me and and my “love handles” are just about gone. 

This is not “just another diet”.  This is a lifestyle that will keep you healthy and lean forever. I hope I’ve sparked your interest. Please go to to find out more. The e-book is a mere $25.00.

There is also an “AltShiftDiet” Face Book page. It’s a closed group but you can join and see what people’s successes are, as well  as everyone’s concerns and questions. This is a community with amazing support.

Wishing all of you who are interested the best. Please contact me if you have questions about AltShift.

In joy and health,
June Kamerling




by June Kamerling on May 3, 2015

images0ZDLN0W8I spent last weekend in Austin, Texas at Paleo f(x), the largest  Real Food Nutrition/Fitness conference in the world. WOW…What a weekend full of lectures, workshops, Paleo foodies and old and new friends. Here are a few “takeaways” from my weekend.  

  • Processed foods are processed foods, even with healthy ingredients. In the Vendor Expo part of the conference there was table after table of “healthy snacks” from grass fed meat sticks and bars to nut bars, coconut wraps, almond flour brownies etc etc. GREAT to have these foods available when we need a quick “pick me up”, but it’s important to be careful not to over indulge, just like w/ any processed snack. I try to stick to 3 meals and save snacks for emergencies.
  • Sleep!! No matter how great your food and exercise is dialed in, if you are not sleeping enough none of the other things will help you. Sleep deprivation will affect you more then food deprivation. The great Doctor Kirk Parsley, MD, Sleep expert and former Navy Seal gave several talks about sleep.  Bed should be for sex and sleeping. Turn off all electronics at least an hour before bed. Do not have electronics in bedrooms (especially kids rooms). Have a charging station in the kitchen or somewhere in the house so phones, tablets, etc. are not in bedrooms over night. The blue light is stimulating to the brain. Try to get 7-9 hours per night.
  • We don’t need to eat as much as we think we do. Especially protein. Paleo people have a reputation of being only meat eaters. While we do eat meat at most meals we actually eat more vegetables then most vegetarians that I know. We just don’t eat grains, soy and some of us dairy.  Mark Sisson says cut back …experiment. Do not deprive, but try eating less protein…see what works for you. Do not deprive or restrict. Pay attention to what your body is telling you.
  • Meditate. De-stress. The body won’t respond to good diet etc. if your stress levels are high. It has been scientifically proven to be healthful to meditate, sleep enough, tweek your diet, laugh, play, have human connection. No time to meditate?  HAH!!!  Sit down for 3 minutes. Close your eyes and breathe. Focus on your breathing. If you wander away, come back. No judgement.  When 3 minutes is up….you’re done. Do that for a few weeks and see if you handle stress differently. You’ll be amazed. After you do 3 minutes for a week or two up it to 5 minutes. Then up it to 8, then 10. You don’t  need to do more then 10 minutes to have the benefits. You’ll be amazed. YES, you have 10 minutes in your day to meditate.
  • Eat your carbs at night. We wake up as a power house ready to burn fat and get into the day (assuming you are eating correctly).  We don’t need carbs in the morning, as we’ve always been led to believe. Look at the relationship of carbs and gut bacteria. Gut bacteria uses us to multiply. Carbs come, and the gut bacteria eats the carbs and makes us store more fat. If bacteria have only some carbs once a day they will burn fat instead of making more.
  • Train smart. Women tend to over train. We think more is better. Exercise harder, eat less. It’s not usually the food that keeps us from losing fat unless we are eating high carbs and sugar. Rest, recovery and smart exercise along with evening carbs are the key to losing fat. Train 3-4 times per week. Walk every day. Have recovery time. Lift heavy.
  • I think this is all I have for now. Next time I”ll talk about Sustainability and some of the great people I met.
    Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.


by June Kamerling on March 15, 2015


I’ve gotten so much postivie feedback from this blog post that I thought I’d leave it up a while longer. Enjoy!!

This is from the blog/website of Austin Based Nutritionist/blogger Beverly Meyer.Want to know how to stop eating junk food?  

Want to know how to stop eating junk food?

First, discover what you’re really craving, then look at what to do about it.

Distinguish between true cravings (irresistable), casual cravings (you’re not trying very hard), and food memory.  I can have a mental food fest right now thinking about Reuben Sandwiches, but that’s a memory from pre-Celiac days and not really a craving.

Got it?

So, think about the foods you crave.  What do these foods have in common?  

Is it only one thing they have in common? Or several things?

For example, a client tells me they crave CRUNCH.  Here in Texas, that means tortilla chips at best and Ranch-Flavored Doritos at worst.  If I asked that person to examine more of the things they crave, she might realize that SALT is a common ingredient. 

Could it be the salt she’s really after?  And the crunchy stuff is just the way she’s settled on to deliver the salt?

If you look at most desserts, you’ll find that FAT is a common ingredient.  Could it be you’re primarily after the fat and not the sweet? The sweet is the excuse, but the fat may be what you are actually, physically craving.

How To Stop Eating Junk Foodare you eating when you should?

  1. Discover what it is you’re really after, and why.  If you’re really craving salt, buy good Himalayan Salt and eat it freely.  You’ll soon lose your taste for common table salt.
  2. Ask yourself if you crave foods because you’re hungry.  If so, then get with the Paleo Diet (my Diet For Human Beings) and eat hearty foods on time.  No fasting just because it sounds cool and is a good excuse to starve yourself!
  3. Are you looking for fat or for sugar?  Cravings for sugar are usually cravings for fat.  Yes, FAT!  We’re meant to get 30 to 40% of our calories from fat. GheeCoconut Oil, pastured lard, almond butter, olives, Avocado Oil or Macadamia Oil are all satisfying, good off a spoon and provide satiety quickly.
  4. Keep your blood sugar stable.  When glucose drops you’ll eat almost anything.  Are you eating on time? 
  5. See if a craving is really just food from a memory.  It doesn’t mean you have to eat it….
  6. Watching too many child’s cartoons and movies?  Do what you can to stop the advertising brainwashing of yourself as well as the kids.
  7. Are you deficient in a nutrient?  You may not know that Brazil Nuts have Selenium, but your body knows.  And if a bowl of rancid mixed nuts is the only way your body sees to get some Selenium, that’s what you’ll crave.  Even French Fries have something of value in them – if that’s the only choice, your body will take it.  

Bottom Line??

Eat well. Eat heartily.  Eat 3 to 4 times a day. Eat a big variety of foods.  Don’t skimp on preferred fats.  Remember your mind can send you a message but you don’t have to listen to it.

Be well.  Be happy!

Eating REAL Through the Holidays

by June Kamerling on December 8, 2014

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a blog post.  I had the writing/blog bug last year but I seem to have lost the motivation and right words.

I wish all of you reading this a very happy holiday, whatever holiday it is that you celebrate (or not) and a safe and joyful new year.
In thinking about food (as I usually do) through the holidays…there will be many temptations. We all know that.
The best advice I’ve been given is “If you’re going to eat out of your “healthy food” pallet, REALLY ENJOY IT!!  So, for the grazers and unconscious and emotional  eaters out there, maybe put a lid on it for now. Don’t fill your plate w/ a little of everything, fill it with the stuff you really, really love….whether it’s sweets or savories.
That’s my plan.images0ZDLN0W8

I’m heading to NY to attend a seminar and then spend the holiday with  my family and friends. I know that I will probably indulge in sugary treats…..but they have to be Paleo safe treats. ie: no gluten, soy, grains, legumes or dairy….so that kind of limits it for me. The part about all of that that makes it easy is that I don’t want to get sick and if I eat the above mentioned foods I will get sick.  On the other hand, there are MANY Paleo safe treats to indulge in and when I’m out of my routine, it’s much easier to give in to those temptations.  Once I have sugar, sugar has me!!

What about exercise? Well, I’ll be walking a lot. I always say I’m going to do a workout while I’m on vacay. But I almost never do…or maybe I do it once. I’m not going to plan. I can do a bunch of push ups, or tricep dips, or Pilates mat work at any time. Sometimes I think taking a break from an exercise routine is good for the body.
If you are away and out of your regular exercise routine, WALK and WALK and WALK. That’s all I’ve got for now.

I will be happy to report back in the next post.


Escaping from Sugar!

by June Kamerling on September 12, 2014




It’s been a few months since I’ve added a new post.

Well, the summer months are officially in our past (though the weather is very summery about now in the
SF East Bay)….but kids are back at school, most of us are back from vacations or summer activities and we are
settling back to routine again.

But routine or not, something that is a constant in my life is my sugar addiction. I’m not saying that I always
eat sugar. In fact, I rarely eat sugar. But I almost always think about it, want it, sometimes crave it. I know many
of you reading this can relate.  I don’t quite understand why some people do not have addictive behaviors, and some do, whether it’s alcohol, food, drugs, shopping….you name it.

I’ve worked with this on a nutrition/body level for years. What I find to be true, is that if do not eat sugar then
I want sugar less. The moment I think it’s a good idea to eat something sugary (for me it’s usually chocolate), then
I’m right back at the bottom of the mountain again….wanting it every day. I guess if I had THEEE answer to this
puzzle, I’d be rich and famous.

I’ll be going along doing fabulously without sugar in my life and then….there it is….at Trader Joes, or the local
Natural Grocery…and for some weird reason, my split personality (you know, from cartoons, the devil on one shoulder
and the angel on the other shoulder talking into your ear?) says “hey….these would be a good idea….just get them to keep in the fridge for  a snack”. Or, “get these to bake something for the kids”. Plus a zillion other reasons.  Before the “angel” personality can say “NO, BAD IDEA”!!!!  My hand is on the “whatever” and it’s in my grocery cart. UGH!!! How many times?????

Well, right now, I”m sugar free and feeling great. The thing is, when I eat sugar (more then 1 bite, and really, who eats only one bite?) I feel like crap. Not instantly, but the next day. I feel irritable for sure. Usually tummy upsets, and lethargic and depressed.   OH, but that taste….those 10 minutes of pleasure…..Are they really worth the next 2 days of feeling awful?

I’ve decided NO, it is not worth it!!!   What helped me end my dysfunctional love affair with sugar recently is a short
3 week on line workshop I did offered by Jason Seib and Sarah Fragoso.  Jason is author of “The Paleo Coach” and Sarah is author of many “Every Day Paleo” cook books. The two host the “Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness” Podcast (now morphing to be called “JassaFit”.  Jason and Sarah teach Jassa Compass Courses. The one I took for $25.00 for 3 weeks is called “Escaping Sugar”.  You can find out more at 

For 3 days I wrote down everything I ate. EVERY  THING!!!
Then for a week I gave up my biggest sugar thing….for me it was eating chocolatey something late in the day.
Since I don’t really eat sugar other then that, the rest was not so hard. But I noticed I did
start overdoing fruit.  The thing about giving up one thing is, you can’t replace it w/ something else that is not to your benefit.   Fruit…I know, healthy, full of vitamins, etc. It’s also full of a lot of sugar, natural or not, so for me replacing chocolate with fruit is not an option. After another week, the task, now that I was out of the habit of having an afternoon/evening sweet something was to not have sugar at all.

You know what? It works?  When you change a habit in pieces, and do it over time, it’s easier to create new habits.
Instead of my afternoon sugars, I’d have a few spoonfulls of coconut butter, or 1/2 an avocado, or a cup of bone broth. I know, not quite as delectable sounding as chocolate mousse, but the thing is….the fat in the coconut butter and avocado are very satiating. They make you feel full so you don’t continue to crave, the way eating a bunch of carbs do.

So, I’m happy to say that today I am not eating sugar. One day at a time in my world. Sometimes it’s one hour at a time.
And what I say to everyone who has these similar issues…..If I can do it, YOU can definitely do it.



REAL Food for Thought

by June Kamerling on June 14, 2014


It’s summertime. School is out, many kids have graduated from college, high school (mine!!) or even kindergarten!! We’re possibly thinking about vacation time. But beyond all of that, SO MANY of us (women) are thinking about our bodies. How fat/thin/tan we are. How do we look in a bathing suit, shorts, strapless or sleeveless top?    We spend so much time hating our bodies and dieting, trying to get the numbers down on the scale.

I have learned over years that the scale can be a useful tool but should not be abused. It should not rule our lives. It should not rule how we feel about ourselves that day or ever.  How many times have you woken up feeling pretty darn great only to get on the scale, have it NOT show you a number that pleases you and suddenly you feel like a big fat blob. On goes the baggy top:  Nothing tucked in today, and you’re mad at yourself.  You’re BAD because the scale didn’t how you some random number that will make you feel happy.

The scale does not measure how healthy you are. It does not measure the love in your heart, your personality or that you didn’t eat sugar yesterday and how proud you were to have made it through that day.  PUT AWAY YOUR SCALE!!  PLEASE concentrate on being healthy and not on what you weigh.  I promise you that if you eat REAL food and move your body, the weight will come off. The fat will burn. Did you know that muscle weighs more then fat?  I weigh almost the same as when I changed my diet to a REAL foods diet (Paleo) 3 years ago. However, my body is totally different and I have lost inches all over. I built muscle and burned fat. Give it a try. If what you’re currently doing isn’t giving you the results you want, why not try something different? What do you have to lose? (ahem….extra body fat)!!

Next time I’ll talk about how to prepare some easy Paleo recipes and guide you to some healthy REAL food meal plans.

I’m going to leave you with this for now. I accidentally deleted about an hour of blog post about sitting and how to counter the ill effects of our hours of sitting each day. AAGGGHHH…..So now I”VE been sitting way too long! We’ll have to save that for another time.

Wishing you all a great week ahead. Eat REAL food, stay active and stay healthy.

June Kamerling

REAL Food for Thought

by June Kamerling on June 3, 2014


I think we can all agree that processed foods with additives and GMO’s are not our best choice for optimum health.  So….what do we eat? There are as many opinions and books about diet as there are fish in the sea!!  MY opinion, based on my own experience, experience of many people I know and studies I’ve followed up on is that REAL food is the best bet. Food that will nourish the body; Food that is minimally processed;  Food that will not destroy the planet due to mass production (OK, that last comment is a book in and of itself…I’ll address that another time).

My question for you is, How do you feel?  Do you have energy? Is your digestion amazingly fabulous or do you have tummy issues?  Do you get the afternoon brain dead slumps? Does your skin radiate or is it pasty looking and broken out? Do you have arthritis, eczema, chronic allergies and/or colds?   If you  have any of the above ailments,  you may want to think about how the food you’re eating is causing inflammation in  your gut, your immune system.  Maybe it’s time to look at dietary change.  Also, if you want to lose fat on your body. Diet change is the way to do it (in addition to exercise, but exercise alone will not trim you down very much, it’ll build muscle….another story for another time).

I’m not a nutritionist. I can only tell you that when I changed my diet 3+ years ago my life changed.  

  • Achy joints went away when I went off dairy
  • Lost fat around my belly when I went gluten free
  • No more brain fog
  • Started sleeping through the night 
  • No more bloated belly (and the unpleasantness that comes with bloated belly).
  • Waaayyyyy  more energy
  • Allergies went away. Spring allergies, dust, cat!! GONE!
  • I started loving to cook
  • sugar cravings GONE!

 I’m sure I can think of more good things that happened, but  you get the idea.   


I eat organic (as much as possible) fruits and vegetables. I eat nuts and seeds, though I have to take it easy on those. I eat meat….beef, lamb, chicken, pork, eggs that have been locally raised and grass fed.  I rarely eat factory farmed meats. I’m rarely hungry between meals and when I eat a meal it lasts for hours. I eat sugar and chocolate sometimes though the pleasure part is over quickly (we all know that) and I’m left either wanting more and/or feeling yucky.

What can you eat?   You don’t need to go all out at once….that’s too threatening. Try one thing….many people give up gluten to start, a known inflammatory grain. Other’s give up sugar. Whichever you do, do it for a month and see how you feel. If you don’t feel different, I wouldn’t say “oh that’s not it” and eat it again. I’d add another to the mix. If you give up gluten and don’t feel different because you are still eating grains that may be causing inflammation, give up grains (yes, even the gluten free breads and pastas)…see how that feels.  

The important thing is to get enough protein and fat in your diet.  Fat is satiating. It will not make you fat!! We’ve been so brainwashed! 

Eat half an avocado with a meal, cook with coconut oil (which can withstand the high heat), almond butter if you can tolerate nuts, sardines, red meat, bone broth, butter (grass fed), eggs, salmon.  So many possibilities.

Read labels. Try buying food that has only 1 or 2 items on the ingredients list. Ex: Ingredients: wild salmon or Ingredients: Organic coconut oil.  If you can’t pronounce or understand the ingredient, maybe you shouldn’t be eating it!

I’m happy to discuss REAL food (also called Paleo) with anyone. If you’re interested, check out the following websites:

Wishing you the best in joy and health, June Kamerling

What Is Paleo?

by June Kamerling on April 19, 2014

Wow…the weather is gorgeous this weekend. I’m excited to get home and immerse myself in my very overgrown front yard where flowers and weeds alike are eager to open their faces to the sun.  Even in our droughty conditions (that’s not actually a word…droughty) front yard (drought tolerant) is thriving with just the little bit of rain we’ve had these past few months.

The studio is also blossoming and thriving. YAYYY!! That of course, makes me very happy. We’re adding oodles of new workshops and classes. Ernie Adams will be teaching Pilates Moving Anatomy, Nathan Hohmann is adding a Classical Pilates mat class, AND teaching a Pilates for Bicyclists workshop in May. Molly Merson, certified Kettle Bell and Crossfit coach is going to be giving what I know will be a knockout Kettle Bell workshop in June.  Our former trainer Sonia Fernandez is coming back for a short visit to teach her specialty, Pilates for Singers.

Many of our classes are full and we are continually adding more classes. Maybe soon we’ll need a bigger space!! Could happen!!

I’m dreading the end of May though when our wonderfully fabulous Christina Fisch will be leaving us to move to LA. I’m still in denial. I have a few trainers lined up to take her place, one being a great Pilates trainer who HAPPENS to also be a CrossFit coach. She may just be able to fill Christina’s shoes!! Here’s hoping. More to come on that!!

I spent last weekend in Austin Texas at Paleo f(x) Ancestral Momentum-Theory to Practice. It was at the Palmer Convention Center in Austin.  It was AAAAAMAZING!!! There were many many talks given by some of the biggest names in the REAL food world, lots of cooking demos, exercise workshops, and many many like minded friends to meet and people to chat with.

So….What is Paleo? It is actually many things….but it’s NOT eating raw meat, wearing a loin cloth and picking berries for my dinner.

May that works for someone else, but not for me.  Essentially, Paleo is eating foods that are non-inflammatory to our gut. Food in it’s purest form…not processed, or minimally processed (we have to cook some things), food that is sustainable, food that makes us feel fabulous and keeps our bodies thriving and energetic. So, for me (and many in the Paleo community) that means locally raised and pasture fed meats, pastured eggs, organic fruits and vegies. My particular body does not do well with dairy, raw, goat or otherwise. I do not eat grains (especially gluten), soy, and lately nuts are not my friend.  What do I eat? I eat eggs, meat, fruits and vegies, coconut oil and flour. The great thing is, I’m never hungry. The fat in the food I eat is satiating (Yes, I eat lots of bacon) so I don’t feel deprived. Do I eat sugar? Yeah….sometimes!! I’m better when I don’t eat sugar, but….I’m human and I do love it! I don’t  love how it makes me feel though, so I do limit it.

So, how does Paleo (or REAL food, as I prefer to call it) mix with Pilates? If we are to be in excellent health, if we are to age with vibrancy and life, we must take care of our bodies.  To do that, we have to move properly and eat properly. Well, I’ve already talked about the food part. Pilates makes you strong. Pilates accentuates many primal movements that we used to do before we were sitting all the time; squatting, reaching, crawling, moving our limbs to their full extent, lifting, twisting.  Many of the Pilates exercises are named after animals; Swan, Seal, Snake, Cat/Cow (some call it Cat/Camel). We’ve lost our ability to move our limbs to their fullest and to be strong in our core because we sit so much and we are essentially a lethargic society (not all of us, but many) We eat inflammatory foods and we sit around a lot.  In order to be in optimum health we must find our right combination of moving and eating.

Clients come to our studio all the time wanting to “lose weight”. They’re hoping that doing a Pilates work-out a few times per week will help them lose their belly fat, or their saggy upper arms. It certainly will help, as it helps them build more muscle, but exercise alone is  not enough. Really, the best way to lose fat…to burn fat, is to eat fat!  Protein, fat and carbs in the way of vegies. THAT’s how you will burn fat. Exercise will help you build more muscle.  It’s so thrilling to see someone really understand that and get on their path to a new more healthful life.

At 61, I am in the best health I’ve ever been in IN MY LIFE!!  I’ll thank my mom’s genes for part of that, but really I thank all of the Paleo community, all the books that those really smart people who know the science behind this lifestyle wrote, all my new REAL food friends, and all that I”ve learned about this lifestyle.

If anyone would like more info or would like to discuss any of this post with me, please feel free to contact me at ,  Yours in health, June K

New Year, New Commitments

by June Kamerling on January 3, 2014

I hope you’ve all had a great December holiday, in whichever way you celebrate.

Things really slow down at the studio during December so I/we took advantage of that to slow down myself.
We closed the studio for a few days and took some needed time off to be quiet and do NOTHING!! (what a concept).

Even though I was pretty low key (we don’t celebrate Christmas and had a quiet New Years) my routine and schedule is really thrown off.  So, I’m really glad now to get back to somewhat of a regular routine.

Speaking of routine….how about your routine? Did you put off exercising? Eat WAY more then you normally would or want to
especially in the sugar department? Many of us (me included) are sugar addicted. When sugar is in front of us….we eat. We eat before we even know that we are eating and we can’t stop!!  I’ve been gluten free for 7 years which makes it easy to stay away from the cookies and cakes, but even so, there are PLENTY of gluten free sweets around at holiday time. I KNOW THEM ALL!!

So, also like many, I set January 1st as my start….start of a change to do something differently.  For me it’s no sugar treats. It takes a few days to get into the swing. Our body says “OH NO…I WANT that yummy sweet thing”. I need to think, stay really conscious, distract, do something different in order to not give in to that sweet craving. The bottom line is I feel really crappy when I eat a lot of sugar…so that’s an important thing for me to remember to keep my hands off and mouth closed.

What works for me is connecting to some of my on-line communities of people doing the same thing. I follow a Paleo lifestyle and am connected to many Paleo blogs, friends, communities etc. Also staying away from the computer (where I tend to love to eat….Hello Facebook?..therefore sitting at the computer triggers that “hmmm…time to eat” response).  Playing the piano is always a good thing….it’s something I want to do and you can’t eat when you are using both hands to play and opening your mouth to sing. . Plus I firmly do not allow any food or drinks on or near my piano.

So, back to routine. Tomorrow, school starts for the kids again. I start my regular exercise program again…Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7 AM at CrossFit (yes, I do Pilates too, but remember, I OWN the business….don’t get to have a REGULAR Pilates time…I have to leave the studio to exercise). And back to sane and regular eating…for me that’s Paleo and especially being sugar free.

What is your routine? Are you thinking it’s time to start a new exercise program? We have many great classes at El Cerrito Fitness. Mat classes, reformer, mixed equipment, springboard. We also have private and semi-private sessions.  If you’ve never done Pilates before but have been meaning to, this is a great time to learn Pilates, or continue your Pilates program if you’re an old timer. Do you need some guidance with your eating?  Want to lose weight, want to get into healthier eating habits?  Talk to me about it. I can give you suggestions based on my own experience and I can als0 refer you to nutritional consultants who can more specifically help you with a program.

So, lets enter 2014  with an attitude of focus, optimism and determination to set and attain or new goals.

Yours in health and fitness,