by June Kamerling on May 3, 2015

images0ZDLN0W8January 2015.
Happy New Year to one and all. I hope you all had a great holiday. I continue with my quest to keep sugar out of my life and body.
I spent 2 glorious weeks in NYC. 4 days at the FAMI workshop, (Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries) sponsored by Kinected Pilates Studio in Manhattan. It was 4 amazing days of learning about our magnificent bodies, studying real body parts up close, seeing muscles, bones, nerves.  My brain was saturated by the time Sunday came around.

In NY I also had lots of time with my oldest son, my niece and her little girl and other friends (I grew up there). I went to musicals, Cabaret clubs, movies.
I walked and walked and walked and walked. I wish I had a Fit Bit to measure my steps/miles. 
I think all that walking is the reason I didn’t “gain any pounds” cause I sure ate enough, especially sugar, to pack on a few extra inches. 

I didn’t “decide” to eat sugar….it just kind of happened….and then it didn’t stop…we know THAT story. So, then I decided not to worry about it till I came home.  I always maintain my Real Food lifestyle, cause eating out of that boundary makes me sick. I kind of wish sugar made me sick the way gluten makes me sick. Sugar DOES make me sick, just more slowly. It kind of creeps up, so suddenly, I realize I feel really tired and yucky and irritable. It’s not a sudden thing and doesn’t make me feel incapacitated the way gluten and grains and dairy do, but I don’t like myself and I don’t like the feeling of not liking myself.

SO…I ate plenty of sugar. Then I came home and stopped. It was not easy. I slipped a few times. Then I got sick (hmmmm…eating lots of sugar, travelling, weakened immune system…duh!!!)  So, being sick I was drinking lots of cider vinegar in hot water with HONEY. And drinking lemon hot water w/ HONEY!!   So I kind of didn’t REALLY get off of sugar, but it definitely had a different form. It wasn’t chocolate. That’s really the important part.

Now, I’m healthy again. Day by day, sometimes minute by minute I am not eating sugar. It makes me crazy when sugar is a regular thing in my life. I’m really sensitive.   The way I keep away from sugar is to make sure I eat plenty of fat and protein and vegies. Fat is satiating. The combo of fat/protein helps even out blood sugar so I don’t get those craving crashes.

It’s not that easy at first, but I persevered the first 3 days, and now I’m pretty comfortable. Also I don’t keep sugary things in the house.  If I do, for my son lets say, I make sure it’s stuff I can’t have. Cookies, or ice cream. things w/ dairy and gluten.\

I’m looking forward to a year of health. How can I run a successful Pilates studio if I feel crappy about myself? Doesn’t work.
I have to be a good role model (not a roll model)!!

Wishing all of you a healthy, craving free 2015. If you would like to talk to me about how I eat, how I stay away from sugar, please let me know. I’m always happy to share info and experiences.

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